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Category Archives: Leo’s Tech Tips

Purchasing a New Computer?

At this time of the year, many computers are on sale and people may consider upgrading their computer or purchasing a computer for their child. So many options are available and many times people do not know what is best to purchase. Instead of purchasing a machine that will last several years, many people choose […]

Regular Hard Drives Typically Last 2 to 5 Years

Has your hard drive started clicking? Try listening for a very high pitched squealing coming out of your computer. A failing hard drive may trigger a disk check too. These are all early warning signs that you should BACK UP YOUR FILES IMMEDIATELY. Hard drives don’t always give you a warning and may just die […]

Browsing with Tabs

Many programs are using “tabs” now. Programmers are referencing the small part of a manila folder that sticks up out of a file drawer and many programs now incorporate “tabs” that stick out the top of the viewing area. When you’re using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can click down on the scroll […]