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Category Archives: Leo’s Tech Tips

The Format Painter in Microsoft Office

You’re working in either Microsoft Word or Excel and have deviated from the default font style. You’ve changed the heading of the document to a different font and color and would like to make another heading have the same styles. Now you’d have to change the font family and the color of each heading you […]

Purchasing a New Computer?

At this time of the year, many computers are on sale and people may consider upgrading their computer or purchasing a computer for their child. So many options are available and many times people do not know what is best to purchase. Instead of purchasing a machine that will last several years, many people choose […]

Regular Hard Drives Typically Last 2 to 5 Years

Has your hard drive started clicking? Try listening for a very high pitched squealing coming out of your computer. A failing hard drive may trigger a disk check too. These are all early warning signs that you should BACK UP YOUR FILES IMMEDIATELY. Hard drives don’t always give you a warning and may just die […]

Browsing with Tabs

Many programs are using “tabs” now. Programmers are referencing the small part of a manila folder that sticks up out of a file drawer and many programs now incorporate “tabs” that stick out the top of the viewing area. When you’re using a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can click down on the scroll […]