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What can an IT provider do for Me?

IT providers can offer a wide range of services. Not every provider is going to work for every company. Consider these areas to see which are important to you as you look for your next IT provider. IT Consulting This is one of the most important aspects for a business.  IT Consulting is the area […]

Scam Emails

Recently, we are seeing some more sophisticated scam e-mails, this is a good time to discuss e-mail safety.  First, if you’re not sure about an e-mail, contact Tech Lab at 414-208-4682, and we’ll take a look at it for you.  Now let’s talk about what’s safe and unsafe to do in an e-mail: It’s safe […]

2020 Thank You

As 2020 closes out, Tech Lab would like to thank those businesses and people who have worked with us during the year. Pat Miller, The Idea Coach, helped propel us into a strong start for 2020 and to think big as we strategized. We held our first seminar in February and could not have done […]

How to connect on Zoom

If you want to connect with others using Zoom but haven’t done it before or are looking for easy directions for others, Tech Lab is here for you. Let’s talk briefly about how to join a meeting. When you create a meeting, a Zoom invitation looks like this: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 849 […]

Ways to Conference with Family and Friends

This year, many can’t travel as much as wanted for the holidays, so how can we still stay connected? A lot of people are planning a virtual meet with their family and friends, so let’s talk about ways to do this: Phone teleconference: Pros: For older people, this can be a great option, as people […]