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Ways to Conference with Family and Friends

This year, many can’t travel as much as wanted for the holidays, so how can we still stay connected? A lot of people are planning a virtual meet with their family and friends, so let’s talk about ways to do this: Phone teleconference: Pros: For older people, this can be a great option, as people […]

Looking for your files?

I can’t find the file I just saved.  What do I do??? Were you on this computer/device when you saved it? Generally, if you were not on this device, then it won’t be there. Consider also if you saved it to a USB or external drive, or the Cloud because these show up differently on […]

Cloud Storage Solutions

Today there are many different options for Cloud storage. We will discuss what some of the most popular options are and their pros and cons.  Google Drive: Size availability: 15GB free with a free Gmail account but paid accounts give greater amounts of space Space is determined by where the document is housed and […]

Need a Faster Internet Connection?

You made sure you have the right size internet package from your provider. But are you getting what you paid for? When you perform a proper speed test, are you getting the speed you are supposed to be getting?  Many sites have speed tests. Here’s one: Speed tests are meant to be performed with […]

Slow Network Speed?

Now that we are all at home, working, doing schooling, streaming movies or TV shows, doing online gaming, etc. on the Internet, some of you may have noticed that your Internet just isn’t doing the job. Maybe it’s too slow. Tech Lab can advise you to make your wireless Internet faster. Let’s first talk about […]

African Americans in Technology and Computing

February is Black History Month, so we decided to highlight some African American people who have been major figures in technology and computing. We’ve included links where you can read more about the lives of these amazing people. Granville Woods (1856-1910): He was the first African American to be a mechanical and electric engineer. He […]