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The Format Painter in Microsoft Office

Leo's Tech Tip - The format painter
You’re working in either Microsoft Word or Excel and have deviated from the default font style. You’ve changed the heading of the document to a different font and color and would like to make another heading have the same styles. Now you’d have to change the font family and the color of each heading you want to change. That’s a few extra steps. What if there was a way to do this in a more efficient way… introducing the Format Painter

What is the format painter and where do I find it?

The format painter is the style copier tool that comes with Microsoft Office products. The tool icon is in the form of a paint brush. It is usually in the top left-hand corner under the Home tab, to the right of the Paste (clipboard) Icon and under the Cut/Copy icons. Depending on your settings, it may or may not have the ‘Format’ label next to it.

Using the format painter in Excel (with a visual example).

This example will demonstrate how to use the format painter in Excel. Watch the short tutorial below to see it in action.


The video shows a simple form in Excel, the first label ‘First Name’ line is styled with a nice cursive font and colored in blue. Next to the label are styled cells (to create an input field) where there is a green background with a thick bottom border (for presentational purposes).

The steps in the video tutorial:

  1. Click on the cell with the styled text/cell that you want to copy.
  2. Using your mouse, move to the top right-hand corner of the Excel program.
  3. Under the home tab, there are a few icons:
    • A Clipboard Icon (Paste)
    • Scissors Icon (Cut)
    • 2 Papers on top of one another (Copy)
    • Paintbrush (Format Painter)
  4. Select the Paintbrush icon, which is the Format Painter tool, and click on it. When it is clicked, it will look pressed with a slightly darker background color. Once this is clicked, the cell that was selected before will have an active dashed border around it. This active line indicates that you are copying the style of that cell.
  5. Now, click on the element you want to paint the style on. If you want to paint the style on multiple fields, then click and drag across those elements. (See video).
  6. Repeat as needed.


The format painter is useful when you want to create different styles in your document to use with multiple elements in your document. It makes it more efficient to reuse and copy styles to text in a word document and/or excel cells.

Do you use the format painter while using Microsoft Word or Excel? Let us know if you’d like to see other similar tips. Happy painting!

Tech Lab on Local First Podcast

At Tech Lab we recognize that each person and each company is unique. We also recognize that technology can be very confusing. However, we have a passion for making technology easier to understand and make it work the way that want you want using our consulting services. Tech Lab can help you with your computer, website, or networking needs and provides local service to the surrounding Milwaukee area.

Roger and Amanda were interviewed by Rob Kochanski for an episode of Local First Podcast. Listen and learn more about each of them and how Tech Lab was started.

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Want to do business with Tech Lab?

We provide many services including:

  • Computer Service and Repair
  • Website Design and Development (including WordPress)
  • Web Hosting
  • Networking

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Moving? Let Tech Lab set up your network!

Moving Day!

Do those words fill you with dread or elation? Threat or menace?

Moving involves so many parts. Packing up your belongings, transporting them, and then unpacking once you arrive at your new location. All of this needs to be done usually while you are still tending to the rest of your daily commitments. It is usually very stressful and you want it to go well.

Having your network set up properly in your new home or business is vital to you continuing your daily life at work or at home

So many of those daily commitments rely on the internet. Having your network set up properly in your new home or business is vital to you continuing your daily life at work or at home. Even if all your furniture is in place and your appliances are installed, you can’t really relax until your network is back online. You’re not completely moved in until your network is unpacked!

We’re here for you.

Tech Lab is here to help you take some of the stress out of moving. We can help you set up your network so everything connects seamlessly. We can set up your computers, printers, WiFi, routers, and other smart devices so they all talk to each other. You can get everything back online immediately!

Your network can move with you. Tech Lab follows the Five P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance — Call us up before you tear everything down and before you get to the new place so we can help set it up the way it worked initially and save you time and money.

We’re not the cable company.

We will be there (within 15mins) of when we say so instead of the hours long blocks of time they give you. We will help you figure out what all of the cables mean and make this part of your move headache free. If you have already moved, but are experiencing network issues, we would be happy to work with you as well. We are often able to solve problems others are not.

Let us take this “To Do” task off your list and we will mark it “Done” for you! Call us at 414-208-4682 to schedule your moving appointment or to get help with your network problems.

Contact us!

Let us Help with your Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air. Warmer temperatures are here, birds are back and busy, and the days are getting longer. This burst of seasonal vitality may have you thinking about fresh starts and cleaning things up around your home. Don’t forget, your computer can use a tidying up as well!

Remove clutter and speed it up

Cleaning up your computer can happen a number of ways. First, you can take out the trash. You can remove any programs which you no longer use, or delete old emails taking up space in your email account. Sometimes computers start working slower than they used to, which may mean your computer has unwanted or unneeded things on it. These can be programs you no longer need, but they can also include viruses or malware.

If your computer is running slow, Tech Lab can perform a tune up on your machine. We can audit your computer’s startup and running programs and work with you to determine what you need and what can go. We can also run full virus and malware scans for you and help remove unwanted programs that slow your computer down.

Give it a little spring

Sometimes a tune up isn’t enough to increase performance so upgrades of hardware can be helpful. These upgrades may not be very expensive and can breathe new life into a computer which you love. If you feel like your computer needs a little more spring in its step, call us today at (414) 208-4682 to make an appointment.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Does your website work as hard for you as it possibly can?

Over 45% of websites are visited via smartphones and mobile devices. If your website is not “responsive”, then you’re missing out on the number of visitors and revenue which a responsive website can bring you.

What is a responsive website?

Users on traditional computers and on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones have screens of different sizes and shapes. A responsive website will “respond” or fluidly move content on a webpage to fit that screen. This makes it easy for a user on any device to read your page and find information. If a website is not responsive, then important information may be hidden from the visitor because it doesn’t fit on their screen. This makes websites less user friendly, and visitors typically leave websites on a mobile device if they do not find them useful.

Increase your website views and create more customers

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, more people are viewing websites on smartphones and mobile phones. Internet usage via mobile devices accounts for 40% of website traffic in the U.S., and over 50% of website traffic worldwide.

Responsive websites are built to cater to their target users. One goal of a responsive website is to make sure that it is easy to use so visitors don’t leave your website for another competitor. When a business invests in their website by making it inclusive to all users, visitors are more likely to trust the business. When a visitor trusts the business, they are more likely to work with the business, and buy from the business.

Contact Us for more information or for a quote

If you’d like more information or to discuss on how we can build a responsive site for you to increase your site traffic, call us at 414-208-4682 or get in touch with us via our contact form.

Internet Usage and Net Neutrality

The internet is one of the most important technological advancements of the twentieth century. It has enabled a new type of communication that has reinvented our world: From the advent of constantly connected communities like Facebook; to the newest wave of smartphones that put everything from GPS navigation to television in our pockets; to the easy and instantaneous transfer of financial and business data that makes up the backbone of modern commerce. Our lives – personal, professional, or both – have transformed to rely on reliable access to the internet.

The internet is an ecosystem of interconnected computers, which have, for a long time, operated under an important assumption that all computers have equal access to the internet. The massive servers that operate Facebook have no more or less right to the internet’s underlying infrastructure than the system that hosts your website, the PC that you use at home, or even your phone’s ability to post your photos up to your iCloud or videos to YouTube. This principle of equal access is what is referred to as Net Neutrality.

In 2015, the FCC made an important change in the way that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were regulated. This change was in response to ISPs creating costly bottlenecks for service providers, a practice called “paid prioritization.” Paid prioritization allows ISPs to effectively hold small, internet-dependent businesses hostage, stifling innovation by adding additional costs to developing and deploying new services to consumers. Paid prioritization effectively allows your ISP to govern who and what can afford to be on their internet, rather than allowing free access to the entire internet. The FCC in 2015 decided that this was an unacceptable way to do business, and changed its rules to enforce net neutrality, rather than relying on the ISPs, who demonstrated a willingness to throttle the fair and open internet for commercial gain.

How does this affect us? And how does this affect you?

Tech Lab hosts websites for many of our clients. We provide remote backup service, and support many of our customers through special remote access software. With the lifting of Net Neutrality rules, it may become more costly or even impossible to provide these services, as our ISP will be allowed to charge us a higher cost for our internet services.

Many of our clients also rely on web applications. Cloud storage, client management web applications, and even point of sale software relies on fast, reliable access to the internet, so rescinding Net Neutrality protections means that our ISPs can choose to charge you more for access to these services, if they allow them to function at all. Even our entertainment landscape will be affected, with services like Netflix that might be effectively cut off from large numbers of customers, whose ISPs want to promote their own streaming services (content delivery networks), or those networks who agree to pay their increased prices.

What can we do?

The US Legislature has two avenues to address the issue.

The first is to reject the rules change. Congress has ultimate oversight over the FCC, and if it acts promptly, it can reverse the FCC’s rules change through the Congressional Review Act.

The second is to introduce legislation. Congress can pass a law guaranteeing Net Neutrality, which the FCC will then be obligated to enforce.

As a company, we don’t often feel the need to present our opinion on political issues. However, the issue of net neutrality affects our core business. We also feel that it is important to inform our clients as to how these issues could affect them, their businesses, and the future of their IT environment. The impact of this decision, over the long term, will increase costs while dramatically decreasing the quality of services available over the internet to many of our customers. This affects computer services of every description, on every level, from the home user to to the largest business, desktops to mobile. As your trusted IT professionals, we would be remiss in not explaining the consequences of this to you to the best of our understanding.

Our best recourse at this juncture is to contact our congressmen (Senators and US Representatives) and implore them to take action. Please visit , find your Congressmen, and inform them of the impact eliminating net neutrality will have on your life and your business. Net neutrality is an important regulation that protects individuals’ and businesses’ access to the internet, and should be reinstated as soon as possible to prevent us all from bearing higher costs, or entirely losing services we rely on.

Thank You!

Thank you for a great year! 2018 marks Tech Lab’s 9th year in business and we couldn’t have accomplished so much without your help.

This year we moved into a commercial office building, increased our hosting bandwidth capability, and brought on a fantastic new web developer, Lisa! All of these changes will take our web services to the next level. We continued to offer the same technical services you rely on as well.

In 2017, we also participated in running the secure WiFi network at the Maker Faire Milwaukee event held at the Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center in September. We are already planning our booth for next year. We hope you’ll come see us!

Thank you for trusting us with your web or computer technologies. We look forward to working with you in 2018!

Buying a PC for School

Need a new computer? Purchasing a computer for a student?

At this time of the year, many companies are running PC sales, and you might consider upgrading your computer, or even purchasing a computer specifically for your son or daughter. However, instead of purchasing a machine that will last several years, many people choose a computer based entirely on the price tag. This can lead to purchasing another machine a year or two later, as the components in the inexpensive machine lags behind current technology or fail altogether.

A well-designed and well-chosen computer can have a lifespan of five years or even more. Save yourself (and your children!) the frustration of a slow, outdated machine, and save yourself the cost (and frustration!) of frequent replacements by shopping smart. Here are a few of the things we consider when deciding what machine to recommend. Read More »