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In the news recently, you may have heard the term “Ransomware.” This particular type of malicious attack is a multilayered attempt to lock you out of your computer, and extort money for the promise to unlock it.

The mechanisms used by ransomware can be intimidating to understand, and becoming the victim can be frustrating. In essence, a computer victimized by ransomware is locked, and cannot be accessed by anyone but the person who holds the key. Ransomware attackers will often try to extort victims for money in exchange for the key. Ransomware demands will usually ask for payment in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Ransomware can infect a computer through most of the same avenues as other viruses and malware. You can stay protected from ransomware by using safe browsing practices, up-to-date operating systems, and malware and antivirus programs.

Ransomware sometimes masquerades as a law enforcement action, such as a demand from the FBI to pay a fine. In our experience, no ransomware demand is legitimate. Tech Lab does not endorse paying ransomware extortion in any case. We consider paying ransomware demands to be encouraging and directly funding acts of computer terrorism. Tech Lab will not assist our clients in facilitating ransomware payments. However, we can help you with your computer in other ways.

If your PC has been attacked by ransomware, or you would like to take precautions against it, please contact us! We can help you set up backups, and deploy security tools that will protect you or your company from ransomware. Let us consult with you to help you understand the risks of ransomware, and how to minimize them. Read More »

We’ve Moved!

We are excited to announce that Tech Lab has moved to a new location in Wauwatosa! Our new address is:

11617 W. Bluemound Rd.
Unit 3
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Moving a business from one location to another can be a complicated process, fraught with logistical challenges. You want to be up and running as soon as possible at your new site, so your employees can start work right away and your customers can expect the same level of service starting the hour you open your new doors.

Moving a business also raises some unique technical challenges. Business computers rely on a stable environment to properly share files, report activity, and remain secure. Moving them from one location to another can cause unexpected issues. However, following these three simple steps can ease the process and help make sure you are up and running as soon as you open your doors.

  1. Inventory
    Before you move, check your inventory! You need to make sure all your computer equipment is accounted for, before you can move it or deploy it. All the preparation in the world won’t help if you are missing critical equipment and don’t even know it! Even in a small business, properly tracking each computer system will help you deploy at your new location in an organized way.
  2. Backup
    Before you pack up, back up! If a system gets damaged in transit, you want to make sure you don’t suffer any data loss. Offsite and Cloud backups can be a lifesaver if a computer doesn’t survive a move. Additionally, a properly managed offsite backup gives you access to your files even if the computer you need isn’t deployed yet at your new location.
  3. Plan Your Network
    Getting your network up as soon as possible is vital to getting your business running. From internet access, to file sharing, to application hosting, your computers need to talk to each other for your business to operate. Properly planning your network for your new site will help you get running fast. Make sure the new site has proper wiring and that you have all the network equipment you will need, especially if you are expanding! Make sure you contact your new site’s internet provider and get a proper internet connection set up so you can stay connected from Day 1.

If you plan to move your business, Tech Lab can help. We can get your systems backed up and ready to move. Once you’re there, we can help you get your network wired, configured, and running. Tech Lab will also make sure all your computers are present and accounted for and properly set up. Contact us to help make your move smooth and painless!

Spring Clean Your Computer?

Warmer temps are here and spring is in the air. You may be working to deep clean around your home and want to bring some freshness into your life.

One area you may not consider cleaning is your computer. If your computer is running slower than it used to, it may be because your computer has built up items it does not need and it is bogging down your computer. Or you may have picked up a virus or malware which can slow down computers as well. Tech Lab can provide you with a PC tune up or assist you with virus and malware removal.

Maybe neither of those situations fit you but your computer is still slower than you would like. Options exist to speed up your computer. One way is to replace your current hard drive with a solid state drive. This drive works using electrical parts instead of mechanical parts so it operates at a faster speed. Another option is to increase the amount of memory or RAM in your system. This isn’t always necessary but may help to improve performance.

If you are not ready to invest in a new computer, your PC can be refreshed with these simple improvements. Tech Lab can help you choose which parts will give you the best increase in speed. So as you clean up your home remember to clean up your computer too!

Social Media Digital Dilemma?

Have you ever had questions about social media? Would you like an account for Facebook or Pinterest but are not sure how to create one?

Join Tech Lab at Heritage in West Allis on Thursday, February 23 at 2pm for a session on Social Media. You will create an account for Pinterest, learn about the program, and learn more about Facebook. Hands on workshop time will also be given where you can ask experts questions and get personal assistance with your technology struggles. Guests should bring their own device with them. Call 414-302-9700 to register!

We cannot wait to see you!

Digital Dilemma Sessions

Join Tech Lab with Synergy HomeCare at Heritage in West Allis on Thursday, January 12 at 2pm for a session on an Introduction to the Internet. You will learn how to navigate, search, and Brain Health games. Hands on workshop time will also be given where you can ask experts questions and get personal assistance with your technology struggles. Guests should bring their own device with them. Call 414-302-9700 to register!

We cannot wait to see you!

Why is this download so slow?


  1. the amount of material or items passing through a system or process.

This question is one of the most commonly asked by computer users worldwide. Slow download speeds affect our lives every day. At home, our movies can stutter. In the workplace, large files can take minutes or even hours to transfer from one computer to another, leaving employees idling when they want to get their hands on their projects. Even if you have a high performance computer that is working flawlessly, a slow download will put the brakes on.

The amount of data that your network can handle is referred to as throughput. Putting a large file or a large amount of smaller traffic onto a network with insufficient throughput slows down the entire network, as it struggles to handle the load. Files that can’t “fit” through the network get put into queues, and in a worst case scenario, devices could become disconnected, or important data could be dropped. Read More »