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TechVigilance by Tech Lab

Tech Lab encourages our customers to join our TechVigilance program which covers 100% of your technology systems. As a continual Member, our commitment to you is that your technology will always work!

Abbreviated Version:
1. We make all your technology talk, maintain, and upgrade it.
2. We provide a comprehensive security solution in addition.
3. Under a plan, you always get priority service.

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The important benefits:

  • Priority service over non-members
    (automatically move to the front of the line)
  • Monthly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Built-in
    (NOT reactive to emergencies)
  • All systems, network gear, etc. labeled and tracked.
  • All systems protected from viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware.
  • Unlimited help desk remote support – your staff can call us anytime without paying any extra, save on time from figuring it out yourself.
  • Remote support from anywhere.
  • Remote maintenance to all systems and network equipment.
  • Call us anytime for any reason at no extra charge
  • Third-party liaison. We’re your technical personnel / communicators.
  • Free Mobile Device Support, up to 2 devices per covered computer
    (excludes Microsoft Surface- which counts as a PC)
  • Monthly Activity Reports

Plans are designed for growth. We want to invest in YOU, YOUR STAFF and YOUR TECHNOLOGY. Your success is our success.

Additional Technical Benefits:

  • For each physical server, receive ONE FREE ON-SITE SPARE SERVER HARD DRIVE as needed.
  • Includes Network Configuration
  • Includes Peripheral Support and Maintenance (printers, scanners, etc.)
  • Includes Vendor Firmware Updates (when available)
  • Indoor, Out of Wall, short-distance wiring included
    (please request a quote for outdoor or in-wall/in-ceiling or in between floors wiring)
  • Includes Remote Support
  • Includes Remote Maintenance (updates, scans, etc.)
  • In-person Support (as needed)
  • Free local ground travel (up to 40 miles total per day)
    $1.55 per mile after
  • Free Enterprise Antivirus
  • Free Enterprise Anti-malware
  • All Platforms Covered (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • Most Major Brands Covered (network equipment, etc.)
  • Discounted Parts & Replacements
  • One Full Security Assessment, Report, and Remediation
    every year, each location, Schedule Your Assessment
  • Automatic Billing (ACH/EFT preferred or Credit Card)
  • At 5+ Computers – Gain Membership in our Customer Loyalty Program
    • 1 point = $1, points are not redeemable for cashEarn 8 points per month per PC toward a NEW DESKTOP OR LAPTOP PC
    • (may be redeemed after 25 consecutive months paid on time)
    • Earn 5 points per month per PC toward ANY NETWORK COMPONENT
    • (may be redeemed after 13 consecutive months paid on time)
    • If you go off the plan or miss a payment, points reset to zero.
    • Points do not cross over between the two options

Early termination pays 100% of the remainder of the plan.
Annual renewal must be cancelled at least 30 days prior to renewal (early notice is required so we can stop automatic billing).

Why is 100% computer coverage required? When an IT manager runs a network, that person does not exclude certain systems from attention, scrutiny, security, or regular upgrades or maintenance. Why would we? Doing so opens your network up to attack, failure, or both. We scrutinize everything and support all of your IT equipment and staff. It is the only way we can ensure systems run smoothly and you or your business stays safe, secure, and productive.

Rates below do not include tax.

TechVigilance Rates (annual term)

Number of Covered Computers
(Desktop, Laptop, Microsoft Surface, or
Embedded Computer with a Desktop Style OS-
such as a CNC Machine or Raspberry Pi)
1-4 Mac/Windows/Linux Computers$90.00/PC/month
5-14 Mac/Windows/Linux Computers$81.00/PC/month
15-24 Mac/Windows/Linux Computers$76.50/PC/month
25+ Mac/Windows/Linux Computers$72.00/PC/month
Number of Covered Servers or Phone ControllersRates
1 Mac/Windows/Linux Server or Phone Controller$300.00/Server/month
2-4 Mac/Windows/Linux Servers or Phone Controllers$270.00/Server/month
5-9 Mac/Windows/Linux Servers or Phone Controllers$255.00/Server/month
10+ Mac/Windows/Linux Servers or Phone ControllersRequest a Quote
Number of Covered Virtual Computers*Rates
VM PCsSame as PC Rates
VM ServersSame as Server Rates
*Valid toward total Server or PC count. 
Number of Covered Business VoIP Phones**Rates
1-9 Phones or every 2 VoIP App InstallsEach Physical Phone – $20.00/mo.
2x VoIP App Installs – $20.00/mo.
1 Phone and 1 App Install – $20.00/mo.
10-19 Phones or for every 2 addl. VoIP Apps$18.00/month
20-29 Phones or for every 2 addl. VoIP Apps$16.00/month
30-59 Phones or for every 2 addl. VoIP Apps$14.00/month
40-49 Phones or for every 2 addl. VoIP Apps$12.00/month
50+ Phones or for every 2 addl. VoIP Apps$10.00/month
**Maintenance and Support Only**
**Excludes VoIP service.**
**Max 10 phones per extension.**
Request a VoIP quote!
Business VoIP ServiceRate
Unlimited US/Canada/Mexico Minutes$15.00/month minimum (1500 minutes).
Increases in $5 increments
($5/mo. = +500 minutes).
International RatesVary by Country
2021 Variable Rates

BECOME A MEMBER (Online Joining Coming Soon)

Workstation Minimum Specifications (6 months to upgrade)
Computer Workstations must be at a minimum level of specifications to service. If they are not, the customer has 6 months to upgrade and must complete a rider form. This helps us keep our technicians efficient and not waste our or your time during repairs. Tech Lab may exclude embedded devices from these requirements.

i5 or equivalent processor with 5000 benchmark from
8GB RAM minimum.
Solid State Drive (SSD) <= 80% Full.
Windows 10 1909+, MacOS Mojave+, RedHat 7+ or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS+

For new customers, if PCs do not meet minimum technical requirements, after a 6 month grace period to upgrade, a $20/month per device surcharge is added to your account.

Server Minimum Specifications
Must be under mfg. support (hardware and/or software)
May or may not be under warranty or additional agreement (not required
<= 70% Full
Operate with, on average, 30% RAM overhead during 1 week of uptime.

VoIP Phone / System Minimum Specifications
Must be under manufacturer support.

Example Vendors Supported
Adobe, Acer, APC, Apple, Asus, Canon*, Cisco, Dell*, Epson*, Grandstream, Hewlett Packard*, IBM, Kyocera*, Lenovo, LG, Linksys, Logitech, Netgear, PFSense, Plantronics, Ricoh*, Samsung, Sharp*, Sonicwall, Sony, TP-Link, Yealink.

*Large and Most Multifunction Printers- Software Configuration Only