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Cybersecurity is Tech Lab’s top priority for our customers. You must continuously keep computers secure and up to date. Tech Lab uses a suite of industry leading products and services to keep your computers safe and secure, we have a solid history of success and a long list of satisfied people. We use scheduling software to make sure we are continuously reaching out and connecting with you to review current status and take actions necessary to be on the leading edge of security solutions that identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Our products and services are all about diligence. We proactively check computers and network equipment for updates and security fixes and implement them, staying ahead of issues so that preventative maintenance does what is intended – keep hardware and software current, keep unwanted intruders out.

We offer routine assessments and reviews for our customers. We identify weaknesses and implement solutions to address problems before anything happens. With this mentality, we have low to zero infection or intrusion rates. We do not fully trust automation when we use it, we actually want a person constantly checking in with automation to verify we are getting intended outcomes. Our managed services product TechVigilance does just that! Ask us how we can help you be diligent with you Tech!