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Moving? Let Tech Lab set up your network!

Moving Day! Do those words fill you with dread or elation? Threat or menace? Moving involves so many parts. Packing up your belongings, transporting them, and then unpacking once you arrive at your new location. All of this needs to be done usually while you are still tending to the rest of your daily commitments. […]

Let us Help with your Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air. Warmer temperatures are here, birds are back and busy, and the days are getting longer. This burst of seasonal vitality may have you thinking about fresh starts and cleaning things up around your home. Don’t forget, your computer can use a tidying up as well! Remove clutter and speed it […]

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Does your website work as hard for you as it possibly can? Over 45% of websites are visited via smartphones and mobile devices. If your website is not “responsive”, then you’re missing out on the number of visitors and revenue which a responsive website can bring you. What is a responsive website? Users on traditional […]

Internet Usage and Net Neutrality

The internet is one of the most important technological advancements of the twentieth century. It has enabled a new type of communication that has reinvented our world: From the advent of constantly connected communities like Facebook; to the newest wave of smartphones that put everything from GPS navigation to television in our pockets; to the […]

Thank You!

Thank you for a great year! 2018 marks Tech Lab’s 9th year in business and we couldn’t have accomplished so much without your help. This year we moved into a commercial office building, increased our hosting bandwidth capability, and brought on a fantastic new web developer, Lisa! All of these changes will take our web […]

Buying a PC for School

Need a new computer? Purchasing a computer for a student? At this time of the year, many companies are running PC sales, and you might consider upgrading your computer, or even purchasing a computer specifically for your son or daughter. However, instead of purchasing a machine that will last several years, many people choose a […]

Managed Antivirus Software

We have a new enterprise antivirus and reporting software we recommend to our clients. But first here is some information on the different types of antivirus. Antivirus is important because it removes viruses on your computer and prevents future infections on your machine. Without an antivirus program, a repair costs 5x more than if you had purchased a […]

Tech Lab featured in Wauwatosa Now

Tech Lab was recently featured in the Wauwatosa Now in their Business Brief section. The article is regarding our recent move. To see the article click here. Roger, company president, says, “I’m thrilled we found a place at the heart of the majority of our clients, between Milwaukee and Waukesha. We do all we can […]


In the news recently, you may have heard the term “Ransomware.” This particular type of malicious attack is a multilayered attempt to lock you out of your computer, and extort money for the promise to unlock it. The mechanisms used by ransomware can be intimidating to understand, and becoming the victim can be frustrating. In […]