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Making a Wish Come True

Tech Lab strives to give back to the community. Several of our staff enjoy working with kids as well. When a partnership formed with Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, Tech Lab was able to fulfill a teenager’s wish which allowed us to achieve both of these goals.

On June 18, Tech Lab employees started their morning with the final preparations to help fulfill a wish of a teenager. Balloons, banners, and spirals were hung and canopy tents were put up in the back. Computer parts were put on display. After a couple of months of planning and purchasing equipment, everything came down to this day.

Nicolas had a wish to be able to build his own computer and Tech Lab worked with him to accomplish this dream of his in partnership with Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.

Just after 10am, Nicolas and his family came to our office. He was greeted by Make-A-Wish volunteers and staff and Tech Lab’s staff. Additionally, three news crews came to capture Nicolas’ big day. After his arrival, Nicolas enjoyed his favorite dessert of a homemade pumpkin pie. He then looked closer at all the components of his new computer and opened them. Nicolas and his family also spoke to the news crews. Finally, he was able to work with Coty to build his own computer from scratch. Nicolas helped put in the graphics card, processor, and other components. Just after lunch, the computer was built and then Windows was installed along with all of the accessories. After 5 hours of working at Tech Lab’s office, everything was packed up and the family went home. Roger ensured everything was set for Nicolas in his home with his brand new computer and completed the fulfillment of his dream. Nicolas told our staff the first game he would play would be Fortnight.

This day was a very special experience for all of our staff. We were honored to give back to the local community in such a way that directly impacted a family and Nicolas’s future goals. Coty said he enjoyed sharing the same interests as Nicolas. He also enjoyed “facilitating an experience that your average person doesn’t get to experience.” Tech Lab’s staff was excited to bring joy to Nicolas on his special day and looks forward to the joy he will bring to others.

Tech Lab plans to partner with Make-A-Wish in the future and fulfill the dreams of more children. If you would like to help fulfill a child’s wish Make-A-Wish Wisconsin is always looking for donations and has a Walk event coming up in August as well.

If you would like to experience building your own computer, this experience is open to the public. Anyone can book one of our technicians to help them build their own computer. Tech Lab will purchase the parts based on the type of computer you would like to have. After the parts arrive, you spend half a day with our technician to learn how computer parts go together and how a computer works. At the end of the half day, you take your brand new computer home. You also have the option of having a technician come to your home afterwards to fully customize your computer with your programs and peripherals. To learn more information about TechKids, click here.

If you didn’t catch the news stories live, you can view them here.

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