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Smart Home Automation

What is smart home automation? Smart home automation uses technology in your house to automate tasks. As part of how that is set up, you can also control remotely whatever technology is hooked up to it. 

How does it work? Some of the devices connect directly to the Internet, and some of the devices are controlled with infrared or radio frequencies over WiFi. In this way, you can use a tablet or a phone or your voice to control all the devices wired into your smart home. 

What kinds of devices can I hook up to my smart home? Many appliances have now have smart features integrated or you can purchase devices to integrated them. Ideas include: a faucet in a sink, a bathtub, thermostat, oven, microwave, blinds, washers & dryers, garage door, doorbell, lights, door locks, phones, security systems, entertainment systems, sound systems, etc. 

If it has a remote, it can be hooked up.  If it plugs into the wall, it can be hooked up.  Nonetheless, you will often have more options and simpler controls if you purchase smart devices. 

For example, if you have a fan that you plug into the wall with a smart plug, the most that the plug is going to be able to do is turn the fan off and on, even if you have different speed options on the fan.  On the other hand, if you buy a smart fan, you can integrate the fan with the rest of your climate control system, in addition to being able to control the speed. 

What can Tech Lab do for me? 

At Tech Lab, we specialize in interconnecting all of these devices.  Many different companies provide different products for smart home automation.  No one company provides all of the options that are out there.  Each has a different interface that we consolidate into one device. 

We are also an IT company that specializes in network environments. When you have a smart home, you have an in-home Internet network with many smart devices hooked up to it. That can very quickly slow your Internet down to the point that you have a lag when you want something done. It can also be a tempting target for hackers, and we provide security and monitoring to prevent bottlenecks and attacks. If you have these devices installed but are having problems or want more security call Tech Lab at 414-208-4682.

We can install many of these devices, but for some, such as the smart bathroom and the smart kitchen, you will want a specialist to install them. Contact us at Tech Lab to discuss your project to help determine the best plan of action for you at 414-208-4682.

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