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Need a Faster Internet Connection?

You made sure you have the right size internet package from your provider. But are you getting what you paid for?

When you perform a proper speed test, are you getting the speed you are supposed to be getting? 

Many sites have speed tests. Here’s one:

Speed tests are meant to be performed with a computer hooked directly into the modem.  You plug an Ethernet cable into your computer, and you plug the other end into your modem.  Then you run the speed test.  If you are not getting the speeds you are supposed to be getting according to your ISP, then you need to talk to your ISP because something is going wrong with their equipment. 

If all that is adequate and you are still having issues, that’s where Tech Lab comes in.   There are several things we can do to increase your Internet speed:

  1. We can put in a (better) router. 

Most ISPs will not give you a router.  Routers provide improved signal strength.  If you are close to your modem and are having speed issues, this would be the first thing we would do. 

  • We can move the router. 

Your router gives off signal strength in a circle around it.  If your router is set on the edge of your house and you can’t get signal on the other side of your house, we can move the router to the middle of your house, and you are likely to be able to get signal on both sides of your house.  This is also better for the security of your Internet network, as it means that your neighbors aren’t getting your WiFi. 

  • We can put in access points. 

If your house is bigger than your router can account for or you have walls that interfere with the signal (e.g., brick, concrete, or metal), then access points are the way to go.  These extend your wireless network. 

Not sure what the problem is?  Tech Lab can find the bottleneck.  Call Tech Lab today at 414-208-4682, and we can evaluate your space to find the problem. 

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