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Slow Network Speed?

Now that we are all at home, working, doing schooling, streaming movies or TV shows, doing online gaming, etc. on the Internet, some of you may have noticed that your Internet just isn’t doing the job. Maybe it’s too slow.

Tech Lab can advise you to make your wireless Internet faster.

Let’s first talk about what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does.  Examples of ISPs in the area include Spectrum, Charter, and AT&T.  This is the company you purchase Internet service from:

  1. What kind of package you are purchasing from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? 

There are a wide variety of Internet packages that you can buy from your ISP that will give you different speeds.  Different options will be available in your area. 

Regular streaming requires at least 3Mbps, while 4K streaming requires 25Mbps. Gaming requires at least 4-8Mbps but will get better response from 10-25Mbps. If you are getting less than this, you will experience long times of “Loading…” to the point that you are not experiencing a seamless experience. Some graphics-intensive websites, like social media with videos that often play automatically, will also give you trouble. You also need to consider upload speed in your Internet package as well.

Next you’ll want to consider how many devices are being hooked up to the Internet. In most cases, the speed you get is divided among the devices you have that are hooked up to the Internet. Most devices that are hooked up to the Internet will go on the Internet automatically to refresh its content or update, so even your smart home devices and the computers and cell phones you are not touching are probably using some of your speed. Not sure if you have a high enough package? Give Tech Lab a call at 414-208-4682, and we can advise you.

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