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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month- Hacked Accounts

This week Tech Lab will focus on how to know if you your accounts have been hacked. It is a good idea to have both an antivirus program and a malware program installed on your computer to help keep you safe. If you do not have either of these, call 414-208-4682 and we can set you up with what you need to help keep you protected. The scans will be run for you so you know you are always protected.

Signs your account may have been hacked:

  • You get replies to e-mails you didn’t send.
  • People you know ask if you sent them emails or other messages.
  • Your e-mail says that you sent e-mails that you didn’t send. 
  • You get alerted to activity on your account, and you know it wasn’t you.
  • You are positive you typed the correct password, and you still can’t open your account.
  • You get an e-mail saying that you changed your password when you did not.
  • Others tell you that you have been hacked.
  • Transactions appear on your financial statements that you did not expect.
  • Posts that you didn’t write appear. 

What do I do if I notice these signs?  There are usually security settings on the website where you can see what devices have logged in as you.  Log them out if you know it’s not you. 

Then, change your password to something you have never used as a password before. If you have accounts with the same password, change those as well. 

Facebook and many other large companies have a page, “I think I’ve been hacked.”  Go there, and follow the steps recommended. 

Check the security settings, and see if you want to make them stronger.  If you are not getting notified about logins, you may want to be.  If multi-factor authentication is an option, consider that.  Scan your computer for viruses and malware. 

Have your financial institution send you texts when you are making large purchases.  Also when your contact information or alerting choices have changed. 

If you think you have been hacked and need assistance resetting your accounts, call Tech Lab at 414-208-4682.

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