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Spring Cleaning

Spring officially started in March and now is in full swing. The weather is getting warmer, grass is green, and trees are budding. Warmer temperatures bring out more people which may include you. A change in season may have you thinking about the projects that need to be done both inside and outside of your home. Is your computer on your list?

Has your computer been acting slow? Do you have pop-ups when you visit websites? Do you know if your information is secure when you are using sensitive data like social security numbers, credit cards, or banking information? Are your documents and photos being backed up? If they are not, do you know what would happen if your computer is damaged or stolen? Would you lose personal or business critical information? Do you have an antivirus that is up to date? If it isn’t, your computer may not be fully protected.

Maybe it has been awhile, and it is time for a tune up to your machine. Tech Lab can audit your computer’s startup and running programs, and work with you to determine what you need and what you can remove. We can also run virus and malware scans for you and help remove unwanted programs that slow your computer down.

If you are in the market for a new computer or you are looking for ways to enhance your current machine, call Tech Lab and get our opinion! Tech Lab would love to consult with you or your business to solve these or other nagging problems. We can be reached at 414-208-4682 or via email at

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