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Increase Traffic to Your Website

Does your website work as hard for you as it possibly can?

Over 45% of websites are visited via smartphones and mobile devices. If your website is not “responsive”, then you’re missing out on the number of visitors and revenue which a responsive website can bring you.

What is a responsive website?

Users on traditional computers and on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones have screens of different sizes and shapes. A responsive website will “respond” or fluidly move content on a webpage to fit that screen. This makes it easy for a user on any device to read your page and find information. If a website is not responsive, then important information may be hidden from the visitor because it doesn’t fit on their screen. This makes websites less user friendly, and visitors typically leave websites on a mobile device if they do not find them useful.

Increase your website views and create more customers

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, more people are viewing websites on smartphones and mobile phones. Internet usage via mobile devices accounts for 40% of website traffic in the U.S., and over 50% of website traffic worldwide.

Responsive websites are built to cater to their target users. One goal of a responsive website is to make sure that it is easy to use so visitors don’t leave your website for another competitor. When a business invests in their website by making it inclusive to all users, visitors are more likely to trust the business. When a visitor trusts the business, they are more likely to work with the business, and buy from the business.

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