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Catch some Zs with Keyboard Shortcuts

leo_techtip_1Undo is one of the most important shortcuts. It reverses your very last action. If you click again, you’re too late, the last action has been replaced and is something else now. This is especially helpful if you inadvertently move a folder inside another one and can’t find it. If that seems like it happened, STOP!!!! Don’t press anything or click anything and immediately press CTRL Z to reverse the “move folder” command that just happened by mistake.

Keyboard shortcuts are faster than targeting an object with your eyes and moving the mouse on screen with you hand. Common shortcuts are usually listed in the menus of programs. FILE, EDIT, VIEW, etc. Open up a menu and they are typically on the left paw or right paw side of a menu when a shortcut is available.

Note: Mac visitors, please replace the CTRL key with the CMD key and swap ALT with the OPT key.

Here are examples of common shortcuts for Microsoft Windows:

  • CTRL P (print)
  • CTRL Z (undo)
  • CTRL Y (redo)
  • CTRL C (copy)
  • CTRL V (paste)
  • CTRL X (cut)
  • CTRL A (“select all” – meaning it will select everything in the active window)
  • CTRL F (“find” or search for something)
  • ALT F (open the “FILE” menu)

For a more complete and thorough list, here’s Wikipedia’s Table of Keyboard Shortcuts.


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