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If you’re looking for original, custom, website production, you’ve come to the right place. We avoid canned themes or too many plugins as much as possible.

Why custom design a website when there are so many inexpensive themes available? WordPress and many content management platforms might have tons of plugins and themes available, but when you combine too many options you get a mess of broken spaghetti code that is a major target for hackers. We’ve seen countless sites get malicious code injected because they had been piece-mealed together compared to almost zero injections in sites that were built with targeted thoughtful design and production. If you have assets to protect (including visitors) custom design and production is the only option.

To top that off, a mobile-friendly website is an indispensable tool for your customers. Statistics show more and more people visit website on mobile – upwards of half the US population and almost 2/3 of the global population. You can’t afford to leave out responsive mobile technologies in building your website.

We can set you up with an online shop, use your website to connect your blog with social media automatically, provide a secure login for member only access and services, or simply accept online payments for invoices you send. We have several examples in our portfolio.

All code we develop is mainly written in HTML5, CSS3/SASS, Javascript, PHP, and stored in MySQL Databases.

All code is kept under version control so we can quickly restore your website to older versions during development or in the event of a security issue we can quickly locate the source and eliminate it.

We build upon several open and closed source administrative management solutions (programs you can use to modify your own website) including WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, and others.

Our process ensures that your project launches on time, within your budget, and never loses sight of your goals.

Our code meets or exceeds W3C standards and can be validated.