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Video and Audio

We edit audio and video for our customers, compress material for the web, and provide transfer service for those old reel-to-reels, VHS or Beta tapes that are boxed up in the closet. We also transfer 8mm and 16mm film reels. Our staff is experienced in audio and video production so when you work with us, you know you have professionals working with your material who will deliver the highest quality presentation for your viewers.

Video Compression

Most of the time, we take completed videos from others and compress them for our customer websites. The player we use is specifically un-branded so visitors stay on your website, rather than get caught up watching dog and cat videos the rest of the afternoon and forget the reason they visited your site in the first place. The percentage of mobile visitors is increasing continuously, the player is completely compatible across all devices so you know you are reaching the highest number of viewers.

Editing and Transfer Service

Please note, you must own the rights to the video or obtain written permission from the copyright holder or we cannot work with your materials – this applies to Hollywood movies, professional recordings, and many other works of art that fall under US Copyright Law. In most cases, if you are the person who recorded your home movie, you are the one who authorizes the transfer because you are the original copyright holder.

Even if you’re not posting online, we provide transfer service for new and old formats. If you are having trouble getting something off of your tablet or smartphone, we can get the files transferred for you. Older formats like VHS degrade quickly so transferring them to digital sooner will help ensure we are able to put the best quality image and color into digital format. The longer you wait to transfer to digital, the poorer the quality of the transfer. Sooner is better.

Call us to schedule a time by contacting us about your project or check out our rates.