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Mac Mail Email Setup (mail1)

  1. Open the Mail program. By default, this program will be in your dock, and you can open it by clicking on the icon.
  2. After the program launches, in the menu, go to Mail Add Account.
  3. Select Other Mail Account
  4. Click Continue
  5. In the Add a Mail Account window that appears:
    • In the Name box, type your First and Last Name, or the name you would like to use for your mailbox.
    • In the Email Address box, type your email address.
    • In the Password box, type your password.
  6. Click Sign In
    • The Sign in will fail on the first attempt. This is normal. Continue to the following steps.
    • You should see a message that reads “Unable to verify account name or password” at the bottom of the window. This is normal.
  7. The window should expand to allow you to enter additional information:
    • In the dropdown menu for Account Type, choose IMAP
    • In the box for Incoming Mail Server, type
    • In the box for Outgoing Mail Server, type
    • The Username box should remain blank. (It should say Automatic) in faded text.
  8. Click Sign In.
  9. Go to Mail Preferences to configure your secure connection.
  10. Click the Accounts tab.
  11. Click the account you want to configure
  12. To setup the Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Open the dropdown menu Outgoing Mail Server, and select Edit SMTP Server List
    • Select the server in the upper window.
    • Make sure you are viewing the Advanced tab.
    • In the Port box, change the entry to 465. Ensure that the Use SSL checkbox is checked.
    • Click OK. This should return you to the Accounts tab.
  13. To setup the Incoming Mail Server:
    • In the Accounts tab, click Advanced.
    • In the box for Port, change the entry to 993
    • Ensure that the checkbox for Use SSL is checked.
  14. Close the Preferences window. (The title bar should read Accounts.)
  15. You should be prompted to save the changes to your account. Click Save.
  16. You should see a new mailbox appear in the Mailboxes tab. You can now send and receive email from your account. New messages should appear in your Inbox as normal.

You can also access your email account online from anywhere, use as the link (replace with the website name you host with us). For example:

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